Here at Woodwind, we pride ourselves on having the safety of the horse and rider being of our utmost priority. All of our instructors are highly knowledgeable horse people who have spent their lives in the business. Combined, our staff has over 120 years of experience! Few places exist where you can find that much know-how under one roof.

Our lessons cater to people from all walks of life and all skill levels. From the youngest tiny-tots to those who have already shown, our lesson program is diverse and well-rounded and recognized at a national level, with Bonnie Kittredge having been inducted as a 2009’s Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year.

Hours of Operation

Monday: 4pm-8pm
Tuesday: 4pm-8pm
Wednesday: 4pm-8pm
Thursday: Closed unless we have a horse show!
Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Reserved for Girl Scouts and Birthday Parties!

Woodwind Farm Release Form




Tiny Tot Program   $20
Ages  4-6, 15 Minute Private Lesson

Regular  Lesson  $38
1/2 Hour Lesson (once every week)

Casual Lesson  $40
1/2 Hour  Lesson (non-weekly basis)

Package Pricing

All packages are based on a four week month.

1 Private Lessons per Week $150
2 Private Lessons per Week $300
3 Private Lessons per Week $450
Tiny Toy Package (of 5)  $100

Lessons are held all year within our indoor facility at our School Barn. Our indoor arena is a safe environment for new and experienced riders to progress in their riding abilities.

You may call 815-455-1604 or email us in regards to scheduling, canceling, or rescheduling!

Riding Policies

     1. No rider will be allowed to ride in shorts, skirts, dresses or open toed shoes.
     2. Helmets are provided.
     3. Please make sure to notify your instructor in regards to the teaching of your child if they have special needs.

Cancellation Policies

We must receive notification of a canceled lesson 6 hours prior to the missed lesson. One must cancel by means of a phone call or e-mail. Failure to do so will result in required payment of the missed lesson.

No Shows 

No refunds will be made for no show lessons. We must receive notification for it to be considered a missed lesson. 

     Missed Lessons

Missed lessons can be made up six days a week. If you schedule a make-up lesson and cannot attend, you must call and cancel or forfeit the make-up lesson.


WoodWind Farm does not offer refunds under any circumstances. Payments made for lessons must be used for lessons only.

Returned Check Fees

There is a $25 returned fee on returned checks and must receive the payment for that check prior to the next lesson.

WoodWind Farm would not have ever become the successful barn that it is today without the energy, enthusiasm, and support of our riders, their families, and our barn community.