Meet The School Horses

We love and appreciate our great group of school horses who range from all sizes and difficulty levels. These horses have taught hundreds of students how to post at the walk all the way up to complex equitation patterns. 

Timothy is an American Saddlebred and a retired show horse who competed in both Five-Gaited and Western divisions. He is great for those looking for a safe, yet showy lesson.

Charlie is an American Saddlebred and a retired show horse who competed in the Show Pleasure division. He has the best canter!

Frank is an American saddlebred who is a very seasoned competitor in the Academy level of showing. This big boy is the best at patterns!


Sissy is an American Saddlebred who is a retired western show horse. Sissy will make sure any new and intimidated rider is taken care of.

Rascal is an American Saddlebred who is a retired show horse, where he competed in the Park Pleasure division. The show horse is still in there and a fast and fun ride can always be expected.

KD is an American Saddlebred who has been born and raised here at WoodWind Farm. As a young filly, she was shown in Western Country Pleasure. KD has the kindest heart and is super smooth!

Spirit is a Hackney Pony who has been very successfully shown in the Roadster Pony divisions, both under saddle and driving. This is the pony when a rider is looking to go, go, go!

Ray-Ray is a Hackney Pony who has been shown in the Roadster and Pleasure Pony Diving divisions and Equitation division under saddle. He continues to “wow” everyone with his various talents. This little guy can be ridden, jumped, and driven.

Matzo is an American Saddlebred who has been shown in the Equitation, Country Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, and Western Divisions. He is a great mount for when a smooth yet challenging ride is in order.

Everyone, meet Felix!
Felix is our newest addition to the Woodwind Farm school horse family. He is an adorable arab horse who has shown in saddleseat and the was also a jumper. This kind but bouncy boy would be great for any kid needing a safe but fun ride around the ring!

Oregano is an American Saddlebred who was born from our very own Safari Sage and has been shown in Show Pleasure, Country Pleasure, and Equitation divisions. This tall boy is great when a rider is ready to experience an awesome extended  trot!