Our Training Facility


Training here at Woodwind is done by Bonnie and Megan Kittredge. Our philosophy on safety follows all the way up to our top-level show horses and we strive to achieve excellence through a variety of techniques and practices. Bonnie Kittredge and her daughter Megan have over 100 years of combined experience in the American Saddlebred industry.

​We have a large indoor arena (approx. 150’ x 50’) with a wash rack, two tack rooms, a laundry room, and twenty-nine 10’ x 10’ stalls. Additionally we have a large heated office from which to view the arena as well as an outdoor ring and bullpen for the warmer months of the year.


Starting from the “ground” and working up, we begin by taking our youngsters into Training classes at horse shows and then work them into a division best suited for them.


Please call for any additional information about our pricing for board, full service, and full training.