Youth Club

WoodWind Farm Showstoppers

Showstoppers was one of the original youth groups in the country and has won various awards throughout its history. This is a great organization for your children to come make some life long friends, both two and four footed. Being a part of Showstoppers also looks great on college applications if you are planning for your futureYouth-Club-1!

Showstoppers youth group was founded in 1995 here at Woodwind Farm. Through the years we have been actively involved in the saddlebred world and in our own communities. We volunteer at various charitable organizations and raise money at the local horse shows. That’s not to say its all serious, we have fun too! We take part in field trips to many different locations, like the Arlington Race Track, various horse shows, and much more!

How do you become a member?

To become a member of Showstoppers takes only three easy steps.
1. One needs to be a student here at Woodwind.
2. A $15 fee due at the first meeting of the year.
This fee supports the Showstoppers youth club and helps pay for trips and activities that Showstoppers will pay for throughout the year.
3. As a member, show up to any meetings you possibly can, learn, and have fun!!!

Showstoppers Event Schedule

Next Showstoppers Meeting: 

Sunday, March 20th at the Show Barn 12-1:30 and 2-3:30
This showstoppers meeting is available to any rider who is wanting to learn more about showing or who is planning on showing this season. 
From 12-1:30 we will be discussing the basics such as: hair, makeup, clothes and basic prep.
From 2-3:30 we will go over what the classes mean, what does the judge look for, how to prepare for the 2016 show season and more.
Please take the time around these sections to talk you your instructor about a 2016 “show plan” for your rider!

Youth-Club-3Join the Showstoppers to run/walk in the McHenry County Human 5k race. 

When: Sunday, April 24th starting at 9 A.M.

This will raise money for the Main Stay Therapeutic riding program in Richmond, IL.

Find links to sign up with our group in the Woodwind Farm Showstoppers Facebook page or talk to Alex or Stacey!