Our School Horses

Here at Woodwind Farm, we are so very grateful to not only have a large number of school horses of different breeds to love on, take lessons with, and show locally and nationally, but we also have the best and safest school horses around to do all of that! Read about them below!

Old faithful

Ace is an American Saddlebred and was actually one of the first 16 horses to participate in the first Western Country Pleasure classes at the World Championship Horse Show!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints, Donuts


Charlie is an American Saddlebred and a retired show horse who competed in the Show Pleasure division. He has the best canter!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints

New to the Crew!
Big Red

Big Red is our newest edition! This big quarter horse is the sweetest guy but don’t doubt his trot! If you are ready for a fun, safe, but bouncy ride, this is the guy for you!

Favorite Snack                    Carrots

The caring one

Sissy is an American Saddlebred who is a retired western show horse. Sissy will make sure any new and intimidated rider is taken care of.

Favorite Snack                    Apples

Miss “Pony”
Miss P.

Miss P. is our only Welsh Pony that we have on the farm. Not only is this pony sweet enough for our littlest riders but she can be challenging enough for our intermediate riders as well. Take her for a spin and let us know what you think!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints

WoodWind Born and Raised

KD is an American Saddlebred who has been born and raised here at WoodWind Farm. As a young filly, she was shown in Western Country Pleasure. KD has the kindest heart and is super smooth!

Favorite Snack                    Apples

A real ‘Spirited’ ride

Spirit is a Hackney Pony who has been very successfully shown in the Roadster Pony divisions, both under saddle and driving. This is the pony when a rider is looking to go, go, go!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints

The secret weapon

Ray-Ray is a Hackney Pony who has been shown in the Roadster and Pleasure Pony Diving divisions and Equitation division under saddle. He continues to “wow” everyone with his various talents. This little guy can be ridden, jumped, and driven.

Favorite Snack                   Peppermints


Matzo is an American Saddlebred who has been shown in the Equitation, Country Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, and Western Divisions. He is a great mount for when a smooth yet challenging ride is in order.

Favorite Snack                    Apples


Not only is Felix adorable to look at but this Arabian horse has shown in saddleseat and the was also a jumper. This kind but bouncy boy would be great for any kid needing a safe but fun ride around the ring!

Favorite Snack                    Carrots

Long hauler

Oregano is an American Saddlebred who was born from our very own Safari Sage and has been shown in Show Pleasure, Country Pleasure, and Equitation divisions. This tall boy is great when a rider is ready to experience an awesome extended  trot!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints

The Equitation Star

Tootsie is one of our more advanced school horses not because of her demeanor, but because she will always be a show horse. She is great for advanced students looking for that next step who need to feel what it’s like to “go big”. Tootsie not only always feels like a show horse but she has taken and qualified a number of Woodwind Farm equitation riders to and for the Pleasure Equitation Olympics.

Favorite Snack                    Apples

The Beginner Horse

Houdini is our other Quarter Horse who we have taught lessons on for over a decade. He extensive training in western and then years of teaching English riding has made him a true asset at Woodwind Farm!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints and M&M’s

The Clever One

Gator is a half brother to our other school horse, Motza, and you can definitely see the relationship. Gator is sweet, caring, and safe for all of his riders. As your riding progresses, he is quick to realize this and is ready to teach any rider to ride with the legs rather than their hands.

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints



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