2021 Summer Camps, Scout Events, and Birthday Parties!

Summer Camps

Looking for something new and fun for your child to do this summer?

Summer camps are a great and affordable way for your child to receiving the experience of a lifetime!

We offer a regular day camp AKA Horse Lover’s Camp for those riders 7-14 years old and our Tiny Tot Camp for riders 5-7 years of age.

We understand the circumstances of this year have been very different, so if you have any worries or concerns about enrolling your child in camp, please refrain from doing so! As much as we would like to see everyone at camp this year, our first priority is to keep our riders and employees safe!

Our camps will run at a minimum of 4 riders and a maximum of 15 riders.

These camps will be appropriate for riders ages 6- 14 at any level of riding!

For 3-hour camps, lunches will not be required but please bring lots of water and a small snack.

For 5-hour camps, please pack a lunch for your child and bring lots of water.

Riders will be required to wear masks as long as required by the state when not on horseback or within close contact of other students and Woodwind Farm employees.

Employees and helpers at Woodwind Farm will also follow the same guidelines as above.

We hope to be spending as much time as possible outside and on the horses to not only give your rider as much “horsey” time as possible but to also help with social distancing.

Riders from other barns interested in attending a camp with a required minimum riding level and who are not sure of their eligibility may schedule an Evaluation Lesson before registering for camp.


2021 Summer Camp Dates !

Our camps for 2021 will run Monday-Wednesday to ensure that our fellow horse lovers and families can enjoy their summers off on long weekends!

For more information about Summer Camp, we can be contacted via the “Contact Us” page on this website, by phone at 815.455.1604 or by email at a.woodwindfarm@gmail.com

**Click for our >> 2021 Summer Camp Registration**

OR register online by clicking the link of the camp you desire below!

Horse Lovers Camp- 3 Day, 5 Hour Camp- Week 1



Horse Lovers Camp- 3 Day, 5 Hour Camp- Week 2



Horse Lovers Camp- 3 Day, 5 Hour Camp- Week 3



Horse Lovers Camp- 3 Day, 5 Hour Camp- Week 4



Tiny Tot Camp- 3 Day, 3 Hour Camp- Week 1


When Enrolled in a Camp

What to Bring? Long pants, closed toed shoes, sack lunch and water, bathing suits (on certain days for summer camp), or layers of warm clothes, gloves, and a headband for winter camp.

and the desire to ride!
A waiver form must be filled out and returned by the date of the event. Please e-mail us for a PDF file of our waiver form.

If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to ask, we will do our best to accommodate if it is within our abilities.
For more information and to schedule an event, please contact the School Barn and speak to one of our lesson instructors there.

We look forward to making the day special for your child’s next group event!

Other Group Events

Birthday Parties

Looking for the best way to celebrate your child’s next birthday? 

Whether your child is an avid horse lover or is just starting out, enjoy an afternoon full of fun, horses, and friends at our Woodwind Farm Birthday Party!

Due to COVID-19 we are currently limiting the number of birthday party goers to a maximum of 5 riders and a 2 adult chaperone event until we can open our doors and head out side in the warmer months.

Because of this, our parties have been shortened to 1 hour but very personalized to your small groups outing.

See our Birthday Party Brochure below about party information, scheduling, and pricing!

To schedule, please call us at 815-455-1604 or email Alex at a.woodwindfarm@gmail.com !

Birthday Party Info Sheet

Scouting Events

Looking for a new experience for your scout troop or wanting to complete another badge?

Look no further than our awesome scouting events here at Woodwind Farm!

See our Scouting Event Flyer below about event information, scheduling, and pricing!

Due to COVID-19 we are currently limiting the number of scouts attending to a maximum of 5 riders and a 2 adult chaperone event until we can open our doors and head out side in the warmer months.

To schedule, please call at 815-455-1604 or email Alex or Allie at a.woodwindfarm@gmail.com!

Scouts at Woodwind Farm Info

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