Our School Horses

Here at Woodwind Farm, we are so very grateful to not only have a large number of school horses of different breeds to love on, take lessons with, and show locally and nationally, but we also have the best and safest school horses around to do all of that! Read about them below!

In our school horse’s information below you can read about their accomplishments, favorite treats, birthdays and their “Show Names” used at off-farm shows are next to their barn names!

If you ever come visit your favorite school horses for lessons, birthday parties, camp or scouting events, they are either house at our School Barn or at our Show Barn with YELLOW name tags. With instructor permission, feel free to bring some of their favorite treats with you to give!


Tank (aka Tanker Truck)

On lease from Lucy and Logan, Tank has joined our winter riding program as a lesson pony. This little, Shetland pony is a great fun for our smaller, intermediate riders and kind enough for our little riders. With his great and spunky trot, Tank always guarantees a fun lesson.

Favorite Snack          Peppermints
Birthday:                     March 8th


Miss P (Princess Pony)

Miss P is our resident Welsh pony who teaches the littlest of riders. Kind, small and smooth, she is a pillar of our schooling program. As seen posing as the Easter Bunny, she also enjoys photoshoots with our youth program, the Woodwind Farm Showstoppers

Favorite Snack        Carrots
Birthday:                    March 17th 



Charlie is an American Saddlebred and a retired show horse who competed in the Show Pleasure division. He has the best canter!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 4th


MBA’s Lola

Lola came to us initially as an emotional support animal for one of our youngest horses and has found her way into our hearts. When Lola was done babysitting, she became a great companion to our ponies and other youngsters. She is a dream to brush and will always come to a peppermint crinkle. She enjoys breaking into the grain and strolling into the arena during lessons at the Show Barn.

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    March 1st 


Chico (“Lion Heart”)

Chico is a bay American Saddlebred who has won countless classes competing the in-hand division, Pleasure Driving and Show Pleasure. He has a great show trot and one of the best canters. You will always know when Chico is in the arena. He will take care of the littlest of riders and will always deliver an exciting lesson to the seasoned show rider. Make sure to visit him at the Show Barn!

P.S- Ask your instructor about him being Darth Vader.

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 21st


Charlize (“Charlize Theron”)

Charlize is always ready to go! When she was younger she was shown successfully shown as a Park horse. She then moved on to have a number of babies before she joined our lesson program. Although walking is not her favorite thing, Charlize will give anyone a fast and fun ride!

Favorite Snack:          Peppermints
Birthday:                   April 8th



KD is an American Saddlebred who has been born and raised here at WoodWind Farm. As a young filly, she was shown in Western Country Pleasure. KD has the kindest heart and is super smooth!

Favorite Snack:                    Apples

Birthday:                            May 11th


Spirit (“Good Spirits”)

Spirit is a Hackney Pony who has been very successfully shown in the Roadster Pony divisions, both under saddle and driving. This is the pony for when a rider is looking to go, go, go!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 25th


Ray-Ray (“Fitz’s Vegas”)

Ray-Ray is a Hackney Pony who has been shown in the Roadster and Pleasure Pony Diving divisions and Equitation division under saddle. He continues to “wow” everyone with his various talents. This little guy can be ridden, jumped, and driven.

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 10th


Matzo (“C. I’m Just Right”)

Matzo is an American Saddlebred who has been shown in the Equitation, Country Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, and Western Divisions. He is a great mount for when a smooth yet challenging ride is in order.

Favorite Snack                    Apples
Birthday:                    March 10th


Felix (“Notorious F.”)

Not only is Felix adorable to look at but this Arabian horse has shown in saddleseat and huntseat. This kind but bouncy boy would be great for any kid looking for a fun ride around the ring!

Favorite Snack             Carrots

Birthday:         April 10th


Oregano (“Mr. O”)

Oregano is an American Saddlebred who was born from our very own Safari Sage and has been shown in Country Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, and Equitation divisions. This tall boy is great when a rider is ready to experience an awesome extended  trot!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    March 19th


Layla (“MBA’s Oh Heavenly Aptor)

Layla is truly a wonderful Saddlebred mare! She will always go forward since she is large and in charge. This mare is kind enough to start our newest riders and exciting enough to win at local academy horse shows!

Favorite Snack:           Peppermints

Birthday:           May 30th



Houdini is our other Quarter Horse who we have taught lessons on for over a decade. He extensive training in western and then years of teaching English riding has made him a true asset at Woodwind Farm!

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints and M&M’s


Gator (“Oak Grove’s Izod”)

Gator is a half brother to our other school horse, Motza, and you can definitely see the relationship. Gator is sweet, caring, and safe for all of his riders. As your riding progresses, he is quick to realize this and is ready to teach any rider to ride with the legs rather than their hands.

Favorite Snack                    Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 4th



Being our only Percheron horse on the properly, this girl definitely stands out from the crowd. Freya is our gentle giant who is able to take our newest or most timid riders around for their first time to showing with our Walk/Trot riders at off-farm horse shows. When she’s not teaching her favorite place to be is our pastures outside with our young horses (she’s Auntie Freya when the little ones come home).

Favorite Snack:             Apples

Birthday:                  February 1st


Peek-A-Boo (“Little Commando”)

Peek-A-Boo joined our lesson program during the fall of 2018 and enjoys taking advanced riders around. This quick and punchy horse has a quirky, little personality that we just adore!

Favorite Snack                    Apples
Birthday:                    May 3rd


Buddy (“Follow Your Arrow”)

Buddy is one of our younger school horses who is ready to learn as much as you are! He is a fun horse to ride for our advanced riders who want a challenge.

Favorite Snack                    Apples
Birthday                    April 1st


Zoey (“Mari’s Time”)

Zoey is a royally bred American Saddlebred out of the great, Lady Maya. She has the great personality of a game, smart show horse. She excels in taking our advanced show riders around the arena in both Single Bit and academy classes.

Favorite Snack        Peppermints
Birthday:                    May 11th 


Whisper (Whispers of War BMRF)

Whisper is our resident Morgan horse at Woodwind Farm. Smooth buy spry, she could teach English or Western riding lessons. She has one of the smoothest trots in the barn. She can be bought with food so remember to bring treats to your lesson!

Favorite Snack                    Apples
Birthday                    April 29th


Mississippi Squirrel

Squirrel is a little nuts- pun intended. He is a kind pony but is still learning his job as a lesson horse. He gives our advanced riders the lesson of patience while building their cardio.

Favorite Snack        Peppermints
Birthday:                   April 9th 



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