Looking to sport some Woodwind gear?

Throughout the year, we open our Woodwind Farm Spirit Wear store where you can deck out in burgundy and grey.

The store is closed right now but we will post the link here and email it out when available!

Links for horseback riding gear


Whether you just started riding, outgrown your old riding clothes or are looking to get some horse show attire, check out our links below!

Many of these items below can be used for both at home and at show. As a rider decides to take their riding career to the next level, we strongly suggest that riders have both “at home” and “show” pants, boots and gloves!

For home

Summer Adult Riding Jods 

Ladies Jods

Men’s Jods


Riding Gloves

Ladies Riding Gloves

Youth Riding Gloves

Winter Riding Gloves

Boys Riding Boots

Ladies Riding Boot

Mens Boots

At home ONLY riding/work boot


For Show

Kids Show Pants- Elastic Waist Band

Kids Extra Long Show Jods

Ladies Show Pants

Kids Patent Leather Show Boots

Ladies Patent Leather Show Boots

Helmet Cover


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